Azure Status Page Generator available as Site Extension

When I started to think about Status Pages several requirements that need to be full filled came to my mind, e.g. the status page needs to …

  • …run on a separate infrastructure, e.g. a different geographical region or in a different cloud infrastructure
  • … support client side meters which are pushed to the status page directly out of the application
  • … support server side meters which are executed from the status page on a recurrent schedule
  • … communicate service outages to the customers
  • … support push communication to the operations staff with all the details to bring the service back on track

There are several SaaS services offering a solution on the market, e.g. The Azure Status Page Generator is a project intended to offer a similar service, self hosted in Azure App Services. The Status Page Generator comes as a Azure App Service Site Extension that allows everybody to create status pages in Azure within minutes.


The services runs directly under all Azure App Service Plans and implements the following basic features:

  • Displays Status for several different components and meters
  • Allows customising and personalisation
  • Notifies staff via PushOver notifications when a meter fails
  • Supports Client Side and Server Side Meters

If you would like to contribute, please visit our project page at GitHub. Just want to build a Status Page in minutes, install the Azure App Service Site Extension from the Site Extensions Gallery.

Are there features missing? Please let us know via GitHub Issue or leave a comment in this blog.



Stackify recommends Azure Costs

Matt Watson, Founder and CEO of Stackify published a great article about Azure pricing and cost optimization some days ago. These 22 tips to lower Azure pricing and to optimize hosting costs helps everybody to get the most out of the Azure Services.


Stackify relies on Azure Costs as their platform to track, optimize and govern Azure spendings. Matt describes in his blog article how Stackify was able to dig deep into their costs structure and optimize cloud spendings for their SaaS service with the help of Azure Costs.

We hope you find these tips to be helpful. Be sure to start with tracking your spendings by signing up for our free basic edition right now.