2018 will make cloud spending optimization more efficient and easier

Cloud Costs

What a rush, 2017 is over and Azure Costs, a growing cost management and optimization platform, delivered tons of great features and improvements.
We made our support for Cloud Service Providers available and now allow every CSP to implement complex N-Tier models and billing portal capabilities. This solution gives every customer cloud-vendor-independent transparency of cloud spendings and allows to leverage optimization potentials.

We are very excited to also start the new year with a firework of great features and functional enhancements:

Amazon Web Services availability – Welcome to Cloud Costs
Focusing on just a single cloud provider is like having only one single data center without any redundancy and a big vendor lock on. Customers are focusing more and more on a virtual data center strategy to take care of high availability, fault tolerance and disaster recovery.

We are very happy to support this activities by offering the integration of…

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