Update: Deploy AngularJS-Apps to Azure WebSites with Codeship

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a tutorial on how to deploy an Angular.js application into Azure WebSites. I explained why the simple GitHub deployment that comes with Azure is not usable and how Codeship as shipping service can do the magic for every team.

Since this article I started using Codeship more extensive and since it’s a part of my daily business I don’t want to miss it at all. Here @Matrix42 HackWeek, Codeship was the most chosen solution to implement AdHoc continuous deployment. I would not be suprised when we replace our traditional TFS build agents in the next months 🙂

To make it more intuitive and easy for everybody who works with node and a javascript task runner, I decided to transform the illustrated deployment script into a node module. The Azure-Deploy module is super simple to integrate in existing NPM driven projects and can be added to existing javascript tasks as well. At the end the system offers a simplified usage like this:

grunt deploy:production

This result is more simple to integrate into the deployment scripts of Codeship than everything else. The shell script of course works but this component gives you the freedom to stay with the current task runner of your choice. To get more information visit the github page for this project: https://github.com/dei79/node-azure-deploy


Manage costs in your local currency – Azure Cost Monitor supports multiple currencies

The azure cost monitor team is pleased to announce the launch of the multi currency support. This  feature has been built to reflect what our users told us they need:


Currently the Microsoft Azure EA portal does not give any information about the currency of the financial data. Because of that the azure cost monitor displayed all costs in EUR in the past. Now the new multi currency support allows to switch between different currencies.

We hope this feature brings more transparency in your Azure Cloud Spendings and makes it much easier for you to manage and control all costs. Any questions, wishes or ideas? Try our feedback portal or drop a mail to tickets@azurecostmonitor.uservoice.com.