Beside my full time job being responsible for the cloud and mobile management team at Matrix42, I support and work on several different projects. This helps a lot to be a part of the ongoing change from good all on premise IT to a cloud and mobile first world. Check out if you like something and let me know via the contact form below:

angular-js Helpers
A collection of useful angular-js helper modules delivered as bower components
An extension for the airbrake gem which routes crash reports to HockeyApp.
Are you a road warrior? Are you sick of typing long cryptographic meeting codes to join online meetings or telephone conferences? Do you want to use an app that does this for you 100% automatically?
Azure Cost Monitor
The Azure Cost Monitor makes analyzing costs very easy and comfortable. Users see which projects or groups produce how many costs on a monthly basis.

There are a couple of more or less outdated projects. Sometimes the results a used by other people but I do currently not working any more on them:

sharp SharpBox – Store everything (read more…)
  NetSparkle – AutoUpdate for .NET Developers (read more…)

If you have any questions to the different projects just let me know via this contact form:


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