BYOD = Bring-Your-Own-Device or Bring-Your-Own-Disaster? Part1

Good to read if you are fighting with BYOD or COPE

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In my last blog about the evolution of End-User Computing I briefly touched on the “Consumerization of IT” challenge. In this blog I want to drill down into the Bring -Your-Own-Device (BYOD) part of Consumerization. IT usually does not like the idea of employees accessing sensitive corporate apps and data on a device that is not owned nor controlled by IT. Where the user can easily store company data in his personal cloud without letting the organization know. The BYOD trend is often perceived as dangerous from IT. But is it really?

BYOD is a hot topic for 2-3 years and I had a lot of strategic and technical discussion with customers about it. There is still a lot of buzz around it and customers currently implement tons of processes and tools to address the challenge. Before I answer if I believe the “D” in BYOD stands for Disaster or…

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