Validate authentication_token from Microsoft LiveID with node & express-jwt

Microsoft offers with a service which can be used as identity provider for your application. I lost a couple hours when I tried to validate the issued authentication token from Microsofts IdP with the help of express-jwt in my node application. 

When an application requests a token from via the oAuth2 implicit flow an access_token will be issued which needs to be used for the live service as self. In addition to that an authentication_token will be issued in the standard JWT format. This token can be used as authentication token in your node server. 

Normally validating a JWT token is very simple with node+express+express-jwt stack. Just configure a middleware and enter your application secret:

var jwt = require(‘express-jwt’);

app.use(jwt({secret: ‘<<YOUR SECRET>>, audience: ‘<<YOUR AUDIENCE>>’, issuer: ‘urn:windows:liveid’ }));


The Microsoft dashboard offers an application/client secret for your live application. This secret will be used in a very specific way from Microsoft as the key for generating the signature of your JWT token. I found the following solution in the history of the LiveSDK GitHub repository. 

The signing key for the token is a SHA256 hash of the given application secret plus the fixed string “JWTSig”. I ended up with the following code to generate the real secret for validation:

var crypto = require(“crypto”);
var secretTxt = ‘<<YOUR APPLICATION SECRET>>’;
var sha256 = crypto.createHash(“sha256”);
sha256.update(secretTxt + ‘JWTSig’, “utf8”);
var secretBase64 = sha256.digest(“base64”);
var secret = new Buffer(secretBase64, ‘base64’);

The generated secret can be used in the expres-jwt middleware as follows:

app.use(jwt({secret: secret, audience: ‘<<YOUR AUDIENCE>>’, issuer: ‘urn:windows:liveid’ }));

With this little piece of code it’s super simple to verify JWT tokens from I hope Microsoft starts documenting this little secrets better in  the future. 



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