Enable AngularJS HTML5 Mode in Azure Websites

A brand new web application written in Javascript, e.g. AngularJS is often using the hashbang to build URIs which can be processed from the SPA router. These URIs can not be indexed by the most search engine crawlers. Also visitors have problems remembering specific resources.

This problem is addressed by the HTML5Mode of AngularJS or to be more technical by the History-API of the browser. With the HTML5Mode the Angular-App is able to change the browsers URI without performing a full page reload. The following URI




This article describes how to enable the HTML5Mode in an Angular application, including the customization of a development server: http://ericduran.io/2013/05/31/angular-html5Mode-with-yeoman/

Great, but when someone visits the app directly with that URI, the server needs to redirect the request to the index.html page of the application. This fact requires help from the server side normally realized with URL rewriting modules. Microsoft has everything on board to define the needed rules in a web.config as described in this article: http://coderwall.com/p/mycbiq/deep-linking-angularjs-on-windows-azure-iis

Hint: The same method can be used to enforce https when someone is visiting via http, just follow this link: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9823010/how-to-force-https-using-a-web-config-file

This little changes should help to give your AngualarJS App more visibility in the web.


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