Azure Cost Monitor announces private and shared filters

The Azure Cost Monitor Team is happy to announce the launch of the new filtering feature, starting today.

Now, users are able to create data filters to get instant access to important or costly services. Filtering enables users to only show results that match a specific criteria. For example a stakeholder may want to only report on a specific tag value or type of cloud service.
It is even possible for team administrators to share created filters with team mates and co-workers, so everyone may stay focused on their cost drivers in the Azure subscriptions.


The system supports a top to bottom “and/or” logic what means that you can create the filters as you would naturally read a sentence. This allows you to combine different attributes in an “and” or “or” clause.

How to get started?
Adding a new filter to the Azure Cost Monitor is this simple:

1) Log In to the Azure Cost Monitor Dashboard and if you don’t have a team account migrate to a team (optional):


2) Select the “Create Filter” drop down at the spending reports page.


3) Add several conditions to the filter and save it:


4) Just switch between different filters by selecting the needed one:


5) If you are the team administrator share a created filter with the team by clicking the “Share with team” button:


Interested in the filtering feature?
Try the new feature today by simply logging into your Azure Cost Monitor. The feature is part of any plan, starting from the free Basic plan up to the Enterprise plan. 

Any questions, wishes or ideas? Try our feedback portal or drop a mail to


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