Website Launch Announcement: azure costs launches new site

The azure costs  team is pleased to announce the launch of their newly designed Web site, which goes live today, and is located at the same address:

It has been crafted to reflect what our users told us they need and it also builds upon new technology capable of addressing future needs. azure costs now enables our users to optimize and manage their Microsoft Azure Costs even more intuitively:

Improved and re-designed landing page
We know that landing pages are very important, so we have decided to totally re-design and re-organise ours. Our new landing page now displays all important information like features, purchase- and pricing information, screenshots, a contact form and log-in possibilities.


More modern and user-friendly design
The new site design, aside from being aesthetically pleasing, is more agile, interactive, and is easier to scan, read and navigate.
It is using a responsive design, which means that you’ll see essentially the same design optimized for your smart phone, tablet and Desktop.


We hope you will visit the new website at and acquaint yourself with the new design. And while you’re there, don’t hesitate and let us know what you think by leaving a message. In the coming months, we hope to continue improving the site, so that it best serves all of your Azure cloud cost monitoring needs.


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