Azure Cost Monitor sends notifications when Azure EA token has expired

Microsoft offers all EA customers the Azure EA portal to manage different accounts and subscriptions. In addition to this portal, every customer can issue up to two security tokens to 3rd party applications. This allows the applications to interact and work with the customers EA data like the Azure Cost Monitor is doing.

Starting this week the Azure Cost Monitor analyses the existing Azure EA security tokens and is able to detect when a token has expired. As soon an expired token is detected the owner of the contract will get an information via mail:


In addition, the Azure Cost Monitor is now able to warn about tokens that will expire very soon. The owner of the affected contract will get an information via mail as well:


This new feature should help you as a contract owner to stay in sync every day. It also helps us to have our system stay healthy and performant every day. Please update the tokens directly when you get this kind of notifications. Additional information on how to renew a token can be found in our knowledge base here.

We hope this feature makes it simple to maintain your Azure Cost Monitor account and makes it much easier for you to manage and control all costs. Any questions, wishes or ideas? Try our feedback portal or drop a mail to


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