Azure Cost Monitor announces Team-Support

The azure cost monitor team is very happy to announce the launch of the team-support feature, starting today. This great feature allows enterprise accounts to be accessed by as many users as needed, simplifying the sharing of spending dashboards and cost data within an enterprise.

Team-Support enables companies to use the azure cost monitor without concerning about departmental boundaries and makes processes like cross-charging possible & easy.

What comes with the new team-support feature?

Limitless amount of users: Create an unlimited number of users for your azure cost monitor enterprise account.

Role based access: Define the role of new users and specify whether each user can add new users, renew EA tokens, add new EA contracts and other important actions.

Mail based invitations: Enter the email addresses of the users you would like to invite to your account. The addressed user gets an invitation and can join your team fast and simple.

How to get started?

Adding new users to your azure cost monitor team account is this simple:

  1. Log in to your azure cost monitor account and go to “Manage Teams”


  2. If you already have an existing account migrate your account into a team account.


    This migration only needs to be done once. During this process the system converts your personal account in a team account and assigns all existing enterprise agreements to the team.

  3. Click “Add User to the Team”


  4. Fill in the new user’s email address and choose the users role. After that click “Add” and “Save” the changes.


    The new user will get a mail with instructions for activating the login.

Interested in the team support feature?

The new team support feature brings transparency to all stakeholders within an enterprise and makes azure cloud cost management easy and comfortable.

Try the new team support feature today by simply logging into your azure cost monitor enterprise account. If you don’t have an enterprise subscription, try it for free for a certain time, as we are currently in the technical preview phase.

Any questions, wishes or ideas? Try our feedback portal or drop a mail to


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