Subscription based permissions in Azure Cost Monitor

The Azure Cost Monitor Team is excited to announce the launch of the new “subscription based permissions – feature”, starting today.
When it comes to ensuring effective cloud use at your company, nothing will help you make better decisions than the right, relevant data. With this new feature, adressing specific ressources to each department has never been easier.
This great feature also makes it very easy for Service Providers to give their customers transparency about their subscription based spendings.

How to get started?

Starting with the new feature in the Azure Cost Monitor is this simple:

1. Upgrade your account to a team account:


2. Invite co workers to your team:


3. Assign subscription based permissions:


Interested in the “subscription based permission – feature”?

The new feature brings structure to all of your subscriptions in the Azure Cost Monitor and makes cloud cost management easy and comfortable.

Try the new feature today by simply logging into your Azure Cost Monitor enterprise account. If you don’t have an enterprise subscription, try it for free for a certain time, as we are currently in the technical preview phase.

Any questions, wishes or ideas? Try our feedback portal or drop a mail to


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